Nationwide's new API Developer Portal enables us to work together with our partners and members in new and exciting ways. This is just the beginning but the future possibilities are endless.

Why are they endless? It's because of you the developer! The Nationwide Developer Portal is the truest sense of community as API developers and Application developers working together, giving ideas and sharing in each other successes. The exciting part is that ideas here will work just like avalanches. Start small but turn into something that is large, powerful and will change the landscape.

App developers will know that they are using APIs that come from award winning IT professionals. Having the confidence as an App developer that the APIs you are using from Nationwide will perform as documented and be stable. At the end of the day, knowing that the performance of the APIs will be consistent frees you up as an App developer to be more creative and do the fun stuff.

The key to productive collaboration is two way communication. We will do our best to communicate with you on any questions you have, update you with the latest APIs, general information about the world of APIs and App development and so on. What we want is for you to communicate with us too! Are you working on an App that needs some functionality that you can't find? Let us know. You build an App that is on fire, let us know so we can fan the flame! Any questions, comments, successes or even failures, let us know and the community. We are all in this together.

So welcome to the now but we can't wait for the future!